Greenpoint Technologies, based in Kirkland, Washington signs a contract for a second VVIP 787 completion.
Boeing 787 landing

Boeing 787 landing.

Greenpoint Technologies has signed a second completions contracts for a VVIP Boeing 787 Dreamliner with a confidential customer.

Mike Weisner, chief customer engineer of Greenpoint Technologies, said: “One advantage Greenpoint brings to the completions industry is its preparation. With the 787 coming to market there was a lot of fear, apprehension and unknowns with a new airplane. Greenpoint took the time and care using its resources to invest and really get to know this airplane before the first customer knocked on our door.”

“We’ve spent (over) five years learning about the airplane, visiting the factory, an advantage to us being next door to Boeing is the access we have, and we’ve put that to a positive advantage. We are ready for 787s,” added Weisner.

In 2013, Greenpoint celebrated 25 years in the completions business with the announcement of its first 787 completion.

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