Meet the team

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 21, 2010 22:47

Meet the team

Corporate Jet Investor’s team has over 50 years’ experience in aviation publishing and events and is always keen to hear from readers and people participating in the global business jet market.

Louisa Whyte, Managing Director and Co-Founder
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Louisa started working in events and publishing in 2000 and has organised more than 100 conferences in 15 different countries. She co-founded Corporate Jet Investor in 2010.

She also writes for the website and represents the Corporate Jet Investor at press conferences and trade shows. Louisa also reviews business jets for our Jet Set Reviews.

Alasdair Whyte, Editor and Co-Founder
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Alasdair is editor of Corporate Jet Investor, the information and events business for the global business jet market.

A financial journalist since 1998, he edited and published six other magazines before launching Corporate Jet Investor (three of these did not have the word ‘finance’ in the title).

Alasdair is also responsible for content on VTOL InvestorHelicopter Investor, Private Art Investor and Superyacht Investor (and married to Louisa).

Rebecca Pearson, Business Development Manager
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Rebecca is responsible for conference sponsorship and online advertising for Corporate Jet Investor, Helicopter Investor, Aircraft Investor and Superyacht Investor. She joined the team in August 2014 as a research temp, became our conference manager for Corporate Jet Investor soon after, and then helped launch Superyacht Investor a year later. We can’t get rid of her. Or rather she can’t get rid of us.

Claire Slater, Business Development Manager
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Profile coming soon….


Marilyn Dickinson, Delegate Manager
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Marilyn joined Corporate Jet Investor in 2014 after working in advertising and marketing. She manages delegate sales and registrations (where she is lucky enough to work with Maria on a daily basis). Marilyn has two children and lives in the east of England.

Erika Nemes, Accounts Manager
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Erika joined Corporate Jet Investor early in 2015 to run our accounts department. She’s also a qualified hairdresser, she often brings her tools in to give the team a trim.

In her spare time she likes watching the Minions films. And collecting Minions figures from Kinder Surprises.

Alud Davies, Asia Editor
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A self-proclaimed business jet geek, Alud launched his own blog, BizJetBlogger before joining Corporate Jet Investor to get paid for doing his hobby. He is an enthusiastic user of Twitter, using the @BizJetBlogger handle (we said he was a geek!)

Terry Spruce, Senior News Editor
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Terry began his career in the City of London with National Westminster Bank in the International Banking Division in 1972. He stayed for another 19 years rising to senior management positions. After leaving the bank in 1991 he started a bespoke business air charter business. In 1998 he joined Airclaims as a Data Analyst and Editor. Over the next seven years, advancing to become a Senior Data Analyst and Editor of seven aviation publications.

Rebecca Hawkins, Marketing
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Rebecca started working for Corporate Jet Investor in June 2014, and since then she has worked in several different roles for the company. Rebecca is in charge of all things marketing and works with our creative team to help design all our promotional and marketing materials, as well as helping with reports and media for all our publications and events.

The office hoarder, she is the go-to for any stationary supplies in the office (just don’t steal her highlighters)

Agnieszka Ilska, Marketing
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Profile coming soon….

Rianne West, Conference Manager – Logistics

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Rianne graduated from Brunel University in 2013 with a degree in Drama, Film and Television. She joined Corporate Jet Investor in May 2015 as Conference Manager. Her background in events planning and organisation, including two years for radio station Heart FM, gives her the perfect training for the tough role we’ve given her.


Hannah Burton, Conference Manager – Content
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Hannah joined Corporate Jet Investor as a temp in January 2018 after a stint in the civil service and then over 12 years worth of PA roles. As she survived the CJI London conference, they asked her to stick around permanently as a conference manager.

When not chasing the boss for the latest event agenda, Hannah can be found at military style exercise classes in the local park, singing in a choir and baking cakes. (She’s also a huge fan of Minions)

Louise Bolton, Conference Manager – Content
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Profile coming soon….

Yuvan Kumar, Reporter
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Profile coming soon….

Alex Baldwin, Reporter
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Alex is the first of the new team to join during 2017. Previously he worked on tech and utilities publications, but his interest in aviation made him the perfect fit for us.

Alex’s special talent is being able to eat an entire box of chocolates in under a minute!

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 21, 2010 22:47

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