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Pre-conference – Sunday 31st January

18.30 | Early registration and pre-conference cocktails hosted by Global Jet Capital

Global Jet Logo


Day One – 1st February 2016                                    Day Two – 2nd February 2016 

08.00 | Networking breakfast and registration  hosted by Bombardier Business Aircraft

bombardier 466                                                                    

08.50 | Opening remarks and welcome

Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor

09.00 | The state of the market: 10 years after the start of the credit crunch

  • Are we still waiting for bright spots?
  • How is Russia hitting Europe?

Chad Anderson, Jetcraft Corporation

09.20 | The three Rs: Residuals, residual and residuals

  • Is there any way to forecast residuals?
  • Are there too many new aircraft?
  • Who can we blame?
  • What is going on in the large aircraft market?
  • Should brokers be buying inventory?

Prisma Casino Bonus Online casinos without credit card rejection Moderated by Brian Proctor, Mente Group
Bob Zuskin, Jet Perspectives
John Spoor, SAI Valuations
Chris Miller, Shearwater Aero Capital
Daniel Hall, Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy
Jonathan McDonald, IBA

10.00 | Building the base – encouraging new flyers

  • How can we get new customers into the industry?
  • Will new membership models work in Europe?
  • Investing and acquiring new operators

Moderated by Richard Koe, WINGX Advance
Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir

Cameron Ogden, Blink
Dan Caine, Rise
Glen Heavens, Synergy Aviation
Christophe Ducluzeau, Le Jet
Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, London Executive Aviation

10.45 | Morning coffee hosted by TVPX


11.35 | What is holding back business aviation outside the US

  • Infrastructure versus culture
  • Is everyone guilty of getting carried away with emerging markets?
  • How can we get other markets to catch up?

Marwan Khalek, GAMA Aviation
Duncan Daines, GAMA Aviation

11.55 | The VVIP market – demand for ACJs and BBJs

  • Who is buying?
  • What are the differences from operating a conventional private jet?
  • What needs to be respected when building a cabin?
  • Is there demand for pre-owned aircraft?
  • Financing VIP aircraft (and VIP interiors)

Luca Madone, 28 East

12.15 | JSSI AMP – A new asset monitoring tool for aircraft financiers

  • Importance of data in mitigating risk 
  • Safeguarding asset value through digital records

James Appel, JSSI

12.35 | The VVIP Wide Body market: from acquisition to operation

  • How to proceed when buying a Wide body aircraft: what are the main criteria of selection?
  • Green aircraft vs Turnkey project
  • How do you manage customer expectations? The challenges of operating a VVIP Wide body aircraft

Richard Gaona, Comlux

12.55 | Lunch hosted by CIT

CIT 466

14.00 | Keynote address: The state of the market

David Coleal, Bombardier Business Aircraft

14.20 | Growing the pie: How can we get more customers?

  • Changing entry points
  • Democratising business aviation

Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up

14.40 | The importance of aircraft registration

  • Will we soon have more registries than aircraft?
  • How can aircraft registries differentiate themselves?
  • US update and the state of NCTs

Moderated by David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Dave Wall, TVPX

Jorge Colindres, The Registry of Aruba
Bruce Marshall, AIC Title Service
Patrick Edmond, Shannon Group

15.25 | Jet engines 100 years on

  • The history of jet engines
  • The secret of thermodynamics
  • Why parts are so expensive

Stephen Friedrich, Rolls-Royce

15.45 | Afternoon tea hosted by TVPX


16.10 | Why you should be worried about cybercrime

  • Why are criminals targeting aircraft transactions?
  • How can they get into your transactions?
  • How can you prevent fraud – lessons from attempts and advice from the FBI

Clay Healey, AIC Title Service

16.30| Investing in metal: Asset-biased financiers

  • What are the biggest risks?
  • Where to find returns

Moderated by David Chamberlain, Watson Farley & Williams
Bob Schaeberle, CIT Business Aircraft Finance
Dave Labrozzi, Global Jet Capital
Philippe Foulon, Société Générale Equipment Finance

17.00 | US Fleet planning – Is Europe ready for it?

Donald Dwyer, Guardian Jet

17.20 | The great operator sell off – Should you be next?

Patrick Hansen, Luxaviation

17.40 | Close of Day One

Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor 

18.00 | Cocktail reception hosted by JSSI


20.00 | Historic London Pub Crawl hosted by 51 North (meet in lobby)

51 North

Day Two – 2nd February 2016

08.00 | Networking breakfast hosted by DNH Jets
DNH Jets logo

08.50 | Opening remarks

Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor

09:00 | Operating aircraft – survival of the biggest?

  • Will Part NCC really change the number of operators?
  • We all agree that owners and financiers want stable operators, why don’t they put the aircraft where their mouth is?
  • How is Russia affecting western Europe?

Moderated by Robert Wells, Deadalus Advisory LLC
Robert Baltus, Executive Jet Management
Phil Brockwell, Bristol Flying Centre Group
Robert Schmoelzer, International Jet Management
Siegfried Axtmann, FAI Aviation Group
Dagmar Grossman, G-JET
Michael Kuhn, DC Aviation

09.40 | Private banking – the easiest job in business aviation?

  • Can any private bank not offer business jet finance?
  • How can aircraft financiers demonstrate their value?
  • Property vs jets vs art vs yachts – which adds most value

Moderated by Mark Bisset, Clyde & Co
Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank

Marco Kern, Credit Suisse
Johan Blitz, UBS
Chris Partridge, Deutsche Bank
Marie-Laure Denier-Gassier, BNP Paribas

10.20 | Morning coffee hosted by Société Générale

soc gen large

10.45 | Part NCC & ICAO Annex 6- Part II section 3 for beginners

  • How will private owners and operators cope with the new regulations?
  • Why many owners choose not to charter their aircraft
  • What are the principle new obligations on Private Owners/Operators?
  • What are the challenges that Private Operators will need to overcome?

Moderated by Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm
John Norris, Av8Jet Ltd.

Kirsty Murphy, 51 North
Geoff Parker, CAA
Hermann Reynisson, AVIATRAX

11.30 | Business jet insurance

  • Will rates stay this low after 2015?
  • Can you trust new entrants?
  • Are operators paying enough attention to insurance?

Moderated by Edward Spencer, Holman Fenwick Willan
Todd Guelich, AirSure Limited

Michael Potter, Hayward Aviation

12.15 | Investing in FBOs: How FBOs make money

  • The economics in Europe versus US
  • FBO Consolidation
  • How should operators get a better deal

David Best, DHB Consultancy

12.35 | Lunch hosted by Rolls-Royce


13.45 | What is holding business jet charter back?

  • How big is the business jet charter market?
  • Is it all about the market?
  • Should charter brokers diversify or consolidate?
  • Which online broker will be the winner?
  • How do you value a charter broker?

Moderated by Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
David Macdonald, Hunt and Palmer

Adam Twidell, PrivateFly
Justin Scarborough, Air Partner
Gabriella Somerville, ConnectJets
Jonny Nicol, Stratajet
Paul Touw, Stellar Labs
Philippe Fragniere, Exklusiv Aviation Services

14.25 | Selling business aviation deals

  • How banks can optimise portfolios
  • Business aviation as an asset class to the capital markets

Moderated by Edward Gross, Vedder Price
Robert Gates, Global Jet Capital
Nick Fazioli, Jefferies International
Nick Sandler, Guggenheim Partners

15.00 | Managing the metal after deals have closed

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of pre-owned aircraft
  • How can financiers track aircraft maintenance
  • Asset value retention
  • Why documentation is key
  • E-documentation – the problems when early adopters and laggards come together
  • How financiers can benefit from electronic records

Moderated by Bob Wilke, AvRisk, Inc.
Anthony Kioussis, Asset Insight
Roland McKay, Kayway Aero
Greg Coburn, Mercury Aero

15.45 | Making connections – technology inside aircraft 

  • What do you need to charter an aircraft?
  • Can you calculate ORI on connectivity
  • What avionics do you need to sell an aircraft?
  • How the internet of things will affect aviation

James Hardie, Arinc Direct EMEA Rockwell Collins
Michael Skou Christensen, Satcom Direct
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business

16.05 | Afternoon tea hosted by Société Générale

soc gen large

16.30 | OEM Panel: Selling Jets in EMEA

  • Are there virgin customers or is it all about replacement?
  • Do new types really drive sales?
  • Are OEMs getting enough support from other stakeholders?

Moderated by Dave Edwards, BusinessAviation Consulting
Peter Griffith, Embraer
Tom Perry, Textron Aviation
Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Bombardier Business Aircraft
Trevor Esling, Gulfstream

17.10 | Asia versus Africa: Which is the hottest market?

  • Who wins in the infrastructure battle?
  • Falling China versus African commodity exporters?
  • How are Chinese leasing companies coping with speculative orders and less demand?
  • Are Chinese owners looking for replacements or just looking to sell?
  • Is China really closed for new orders?
  • Demand in southeast Asia?

David Dixon, Jetcraft
Mike Walsh, Asia Jet
Simon Davies, Global Jet Capital
Jeffrey Lowe, Asian Sky Group

Scott Plumb, Jetcraft Corporation
David Minty, Investec
Ettore Poggi, ExecuJet
Segun Demuren, EAN Aviation

17.55 | Close of day two

Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor

19.00 | Cocktail reception hosted by Vedder Price at the Roof Gardens, Kensington


20.00 | Aircraft Dealmakers Dinner at the Roof Gardens, Kensington for attendees of Corporate Jet & Helicopter Investor hosted at the Roof Gardens, Kensington

21.30 | After Party hosted by AIC Title Service

AIC 466




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Corporate Jet Investor Staff
By Corporate Jet Investor Staff February 1, 2015 22:00

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