CJI London 2020 conference: Day One who said what

Yves Le Marquand
By Yves Le Marquand February 4, 2020 13:42

CJI London 2020 conference: Day One who said what

The first day of Corporate Jet Investor’s tenth anniversary conference featured a wealth of news and views about the fast-paced world of business aviation and its finances. In excess of 500 delegates from all corners of the industry descended on The Landmark for the market leading event.

The prospects for growth over the next 10 years, how business aviation should answer its many environmental critics and the looming pilot shortage and its impact on the sector were just three of the top themes from the first day’s presentations and discussions.

Here we capture a flavour of the first day as reflected in the words of some of the leading speakers.


David Coleal, President Bombardier Aviation

  • “The years up to 2028 will see a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 2-2.4%, which is not unusual for a lot of industries.
  • “These aircraft [eVTOLS] will not take demand away from business aviation. It will enhance customers’ ability to get to the airport to take a private jet. So, the industry should embrace eVTOLs.”

Aoife O’Sullivan, Partner with The Air Law Firm

  • “There is a general perception we are flying fat cats about and I don’t think, as an industry, we do enough to combat that view.”
  • “We have a pilot shortage – it is going to compound into a massive issue over the next 10 years.”

Clive Jackson, Victor’s founder and CEO

  • “Generation Z is driving the debate. When they think about climate emergency they look up to the skies. So, we have to think about how we project ourselves.”
  • We have to think about how we project ourselves to people outside of this room. We are willing to be transparent, it’s not something that can be fudged.”

Mark Masluch, Bombardier Aviation’s director of public affairs and communications

  • “Purchase SAF and when you’ve purchased it, purchase some more. You can look at carbon offsetting but, in practice, buying SAF will drive demand and increase supply.”
  • “The environment is the stick which the public is beating business aviation with.”

Tom Parsons, Air BP’s low carbon commercial development manager

“From January, 0.5% of all aviation fuel consumed in Norway must be SAF and Sweden is expected to follow suit.”

Mike Silvestro, CEO Flexjet

“We are seeing corporate flight departments become more thoughtful about how they deploy capital. Instead of buying a fourth or fifth plane, they are asking about a shared solution, such as ours, to supplement their existing fleet.”

Don Dwyer, Guardian Jet

“Inventory scares me right now. We are growing right now and part of that is buying inventory.”

Anne Devilliers, Dassault

“We hear people say they don’t want to be on the frontline of the battle [over private jet ownership] and that will increase NetJets’ share.”

Arnaud Mares, Citi Research

We are living in an environment of high uncertainty. Which resulted in a consumer drop in confidence. The outcome? Cut rates.”

Vlad Bobko, AON head of crisis management

  • “My friends always tell me that I have the best insurance stories at dinner parties.”
  • I’d rather over-stimulate the economy rather than under-stimulate because if inflation arises, it can always be taken out. But if you under-stimulate the economy, it can be difficult to remedy.”



Yves Le Marquand
By Yves Le Marquand February 4, 2020 13:42

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