Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2014: Agenda

Corporate Jet Investor Staff
By Corporate Jet Investor Staff July 10, 2014 14:29

Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2014: Agenda

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Agenda for Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2014

The Biltmore Hotel, Miami: 15-16 September

After five tough years, there are encouraging signs that demand for business aviation is returning in North America and the fleet in Latin America continues to grow. The fractional and charter markets are also seeing unprecedented growth. This unique conference is expected to attract over 150 senior level delegates who will have an opportunity to analyse the key issues in all the region’s key markets during three days of information sharing and networking.

Platinum sponsor: AIC Title Service

Silver sponsor: Jet Support Services, Inc (JSSI)

Bronze sponsors: Avinode, Clyde & Co, Guggenheim Partners, Jetcraft, The Registry of Aruba, Rolls-Royce, Vedder Price

DAY ONE: Monday 15 September

08.20 Registration and refreshments

08.50 Chairman’s opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Corporate Jet Investor

09.00 Keynote address: Wheels Up: shaking-up business aviation
From turboprops to heavy jets – offering a complete range
Why memberships work better than fractional
Why financiers are mad to ignore turboprops
Kenny Dichter, Founder, Wheels Up

09.30 Has business jet finance changed forever?
Are we about to see a return to 2007 or has the market fundamentally shifted?
Are new regulations like Basel III reshaping corporate jet finance?
Are there more opportunities for non-bank entrants?
Will we see more universal providers or is it all about niches?
Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head, CIT Business Aircraft Finance
Donald W. Walsh, Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners, LLC

10.30 Morning coffee

11.10 Panel: Who will win in the large cabin market
Pricing, supply and demand and trends for key models
Where is the demand coming from?
Is it all about range?
G650/G650ER vs Global 7000/8000 vs Falcon 8X
Are business jets going to continue getting bigger and bigger?
General state of small, mid, super mid, large and super large aircraft – pricing, trends, supply and demand
Brad Harris, President and CEO, Dallas Jet International
Steve Varsano, Managing Director, The Jet Business
Don Dwyer, Managing Partner, Guardian Jet

12.10 The state of the Americas: the OEM Perspective
Who is buying?
Do all new aircraft stimulate demand?
Could OEMs have managed the downturn differently?
Sean McGeough, President, Nextant Aerospace

12.40 Lunch

14.00 Business aviation in North and South America: is the only way up?
Is the recovery happening across all aircraft types?
Can anything de-rail it?
When is the next downturn?
What is happening with the pre-owned fleet?
Anthony Kioussis, President, Asset Insight
Rolland Vincent, President, Rolland Vincent Associates, LLC and Creator/Director, JETNET iQ
Daniel Hall, Senior Analyst, Consultancy, Ascend

14.50 Aircraft charter 2.0: are we seeing a new charter landscape?
Can charter be made more efficient?
How can owner-operators compete with managed aircraft companies?
Are we seeing the start of a new charter model?
Per Marthinson, Manager Director Americas, Avinode
Alex Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer, JetSuite
Clive Jackson, Founder and CEO, Victor
Sergey Petrossov, CEO and Founder, JetSmarter

15.30 Afternoon tea

15.50 Latin America – can it keep growing?
Are the registration issues in Brazil over?
Which markets are really hot
Legal issues that financiers should worry about
Eduardo Ferreira, International Sales Office, Aicraft Division, 1st Source Bank

16.20 Financing aircraft across the Americas: Canada, Brazil and Mexico
Recent changes in each jurisdiction
Which market is most competitive?
Which jurisdiction is riskier?
Edward Gross, Shareholder, Vedder Price
Javier Arreola, Partner, Nader, Hayaux & Goebel
João Paulo de C. Vianna Servera, Veirano Advogados

17.00 Panel discussion: Securing protection with aircraft title insurance
What is aviation title insurance and how does it work?
What protection does aviation title insurance provide?
When does it make particular sense for aircraft owners or lenders?
Bruce L. Marshall, General Counsel, AIC Title Service
Christopher B. Younger, Partner, GKG Law
Barrie Roesler, Citation Pre-Owned, Textron Aviation
Stephen M. Foskin, Senior Vice President, Bank of Oklahoma

17.40 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by a drinks reception hosted by The Registry of Aruba


DAY TWO: Tuesday 16 September

08.45 Refreshments

09.00 Opening remarks from the chairman
Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Corporate Jet Investor

09.10 Keynote address: The state of the global business jet market
Is there any growth left in Europe?
Opportunities in the frontier economies of West Africa and central Asia
VistaJet in America: Why is it entering the world’s most competitive business jet market?
What is left for VistaJet?
Thomas Flohr, Chairman, VistaJet

09.40 The VVIP Market
How big is the bizliner market?
How has it fared in the downturn?
Sourcing and completing aircraft
Managing VVIP aircraft
Richard Gaona, President and CEO, Comlux Aviation

10.10 Morning coffee

10.40 US financiers panel
How competitive is the US market?
Is bank regulation hitting aircraft lending?
Should regional US banks look overseas?
Joe DiLallo, Head, Corporate Aircraft Finance, BMO Harris Equipment Finance Co.
Steve Olson, Vice President – Team Lead, BB&T Corporate Aviation Finance
Donald Synborski, Managing Director, Asset Finance, RBS Citizens

11.40 Financing options for corporate jets
What financing options are available
Business jets versus other high value assets
Would a specialist business jet lessor work?
Tom Zimmer, Partner, Pillsbury
David Rowe, Co-Founding Partner, AeroEquity
Robert Gates, Senior Managing Director, Global Jet Capital, Inc.

12.10 How easy is it to find finance: The OEM perspective
Which deals are the hardest to source finance for?
What could banks do to form stronger relationships with manufacturers?
Do lawyers charge too much?
Isabelle Lafond, Director, Structured Finance, Business Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace
Jim Tait, Director Finance – Planning & Analysis, Gulfstream Financial Services
Sergio B. Guedes, Vice President –  Aircraft Structured Finance & Lessor Relationships
Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc.

13.00 Lunch

14.20 Mitigating transaction risks in North and South America
Key issues for financiers
Lessons from other deal nightmares
Ways to mitigate risks
David Hernandez, Shareholder, Vedder Price

15.00 Panel discussion: Lost records, diminution and other valuation headaches 
Dealing with the effects of the downturn – missed maintenance, incomplete records and stored aircraft
Is there an answer to diminution of value arguments?
Joseph Zulueta, Managing Partner, Aeronautical Systems 
Randolph De Long, Managing Partner, Aeronautical Systems

15.40 Afternoon tea

16.00 Protecting asset values with maintenance programmes
How do programme providers price risk?
What is not covered?
How can programmes help financiers?
Stephen Friedrich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Civil, Small and Medium Engines, Rolls-Royce
Susan Marr, Chief Administration Officer, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, JSSI

16.30 Panel discussion: Outlook for the rest of the world
Are there any green shoots in Europe?
Is China slowing down?
How do financiers view the US?
Why are so many registries being launched?
Chris Partridge, Director, Aircraft Finance, Deutsche Bank AG
Jorge Colindres, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Registry of Aruba
Mark Bisset, Partner, Clyde & Co.

17.30 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by a drinks reception hosted by JSSI


Corporate Jet Investor Staff
By Corporate Jet Investor Staff July 10, 2014 14:29

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