Timeline: Things we have done since launching Corporate Jet Investor

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 8, 2013 12:36

Timeline: Things we have done since launching Corporate Jet Investor

If you want to know more about Corporate Jet Investor, this brief history shows you the kinds of things we have done since launching.

August 2010 Corporate Jet Investor launches into the worst ever business jet market. They say timing is everything…

September 2010 The first of Corporate Jet Investor’s One Minute Week Emails is sent out to less than 100 people. It now goes to several thousand people every Friday and we also produce one focused on Helicopters as well.

February 2011 Around 200 people attend International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance 2011 – London’s first every conference to serve this highly-specialised market.

March 2011 We host our first African Business Jet & Helicopter Finance Roundtable in Johannesburg, bringing in all of the country’s major banks to discuss the South Africa market.

September 2011 More than 130 people, including over 20 financial institutions, attend Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance in Beijing. At the time, the figure translates to one person for every aircraft in China.

November 2011 We are asked to chair a special aircraft transactions conference at the CEPA Expo in Prague, looking at opportunities in Central Europe.

February 2012 Our second London conference and the first Corporate Jet Investor Awards are given out. Bank of America and Credit Suisse each win two categories.

May 2012 Corporate Jet Investor is the most cited publication in the US government’s study looking into the Competiveness of the US Business Jet Industry

April 2012 The publication’s editor, Alasdair Whyte, speaks on the implications of Basel III at the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) Conference in Savannah, Georgia

July 2012 Our first training course – the School of International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance – runs in the UK and gets fantastic delegate feedback.

September 2012 Our Asia finance conference moves to Hong Kong and is well-attended by key operators and financiers. We also speak on a panel about the state of the business jet market at Marine Money’s Monaco Super Yacht Finance Conference.

October 2012 We published the first edition of our popular Business Jet Market in Numbers report.

November 2012 We moderate two sessions at a Clyde & Co business jet transaction conference in Dubai alongside MEBA.

December 2012 Our editor returns to Prague to chair the second day of the CEPA Expo again.

February 2013 Our third International Corporate Jet and Helicopter Finance Conference becomes our largest event yet, with nearly 300 people in attendance. We split helicopters from jets, and create a new day dedicated to helicopter finance that is attended by over 150 people, including pretty much all of the largest operators including Bristow, CHC, Era, Inaer, Wiking and others.

March 2013: We chair a panel at the Future of Business Jets Conference in Malta.

May 2013: Our editor chaired the first ever Nigeria Business Aviation Convention in Lagos.

May 2013: We were a moderator for a session at the EBACE transactions session.

June 2013: More than 100 people attend our Third Annual Asian Corporate Jet Finance Conference.

June 2013: Alasdair Whyte chairs the Isle of Man Aviation Conference, organized by ICM Aviation.

September 2013: Our first Corporate Jet & Helicopter Americas Conference attracts more than 150 people that lead the US markets. Two days on business jet finance and one on helicopters.

January 2014: Alud Davies, also known as BizJet Blogger, joins us and transfers the content of his BizJet Blog.

February 2014: More than 400 people attend our fourth Corporate Jet Finance & Helicopter Finance Conference in London.

June 2014: Another fascinating Corporate Jet Finance Conference in Asia, with the mood definitely less upbeat than earlier events. Some of the focus on the region is also moving towards southeast Asia. We also ran our first dedicated Helicopter Finance Conference.

July 2014: We split helicopters off into a new website: www.helicopterinvestor.com

September 2014: Our most upbeat conference in the US yet. With VistaJet’s Thomas Flohr and Kenny Dichter from Wheels Up the event was attended by more than 160 people. The one day Helicopter Finance Conference featured presentations from Bristow, CHC and Air Medical Group.

September 2014: We publish our first print guide: The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration.

September 2014: More than 50,000 unique people are now reading Corporate Jet Investor every month.

December 2014: Our 200th edition of One Minute Week is launched.

February 2015: More than 450 people attend Corporate Jet Investor London 2015 and Helicopter Investor 2015.

March 2015: Alasdair moderates a session at the 44th Annual NAFA Conference.

September 2015: We launch Superyacht Investor

October 2015: 250 senior executives attend Corporate Jet Investor & Helicopter Investor Miami

February 2016: We welcome over 600 people to Corporate Jet Investor & Helicopter Investor London at the Royal Garden Hotel… and realise we need a bigger venue!!

March 2016: A ridiculously busy month.. We host the first Superyacht Investor conference for over 120 people, we launch Aircraft Investor and send our first of many daily e-newsletters, and we run our first Corporate Jet Investor conference in Dubai at the Ritz-Carlton for 100 people.

June 2016: We host the sixth Corporate Jet Investor Asia conference at the Ritz-Carlton for over 150 people 

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 8, 2013 12:36

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