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Rebecca Hawkins
By Rebecca Hawkins June 21, 2017 14:11

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Daniel Aquilina, Ganado Advocates

Tel – +356 2123 5406
Email: daquilina@ganadoadvocates.com

Daniel’s Advice

“My advice to clients, especially when I am acting for banks or financial institutions or lessors, is to never take short cuts or take decisions to save minimal costs when it comes to security over aircraft and remedies that can be exercised on a default taking place. It is dangerous to assume that you may be covered by a local law aircraft mortgage in jurisdictions where a Cape Town Convention security interest takes priority over a local mortgage so a ‘double cover’ would be advisable. Likewise, it could be very costly if a creditor ignores or fails to file an IDERA.  Relationships sometimes turn sour, and when that happens, then the creditor needs to ensure that all the remedies available to it had been duly safeguarded and then effectively exercised.”


“I was predominantly a ship finance lawyer. The Maltese flag, over the last twenty years, has consistently been one of the largest in the world in terms of registered tonnage and enjoys the confidence of international financing banks. Malta is a reputable maritime centre of excellence.  My Firm has enjoyed a large market share of all ship finance work and therefore, when aviation related work in Malta started to grow, our Firm was well known to banks and financiers through our shipping practice. This put us in pole position to act in aircraft finance, mainly for lessors and financiers. A few years ago, we saw the clear opportunity for growth and approached the Government with some ideas. We were entrusted to draft the Aircraft Registration Act of 2010 and were instrumental in Malta’s decision to accede to the Cape Town Convention. Now, a few years later, we are witnessing the expected unprecedented growth of aviation services in Malta.”

Official Biography

Dr Daniel Aquilina heads GANADO Advocates’ Banking Ship Finance and Aviation teams, assisting leading international banks and financial institutions involved in the financing of Maltese registered vessels and aircraft by perfecting the registration of Mortgages and Security Interests.

Daniel has advised several leading aircraft finance banks and syndicates on aircraft acquisition transactions as well as owners and/or lessors of aircraft. He has also assisted and advised on aircraft registration and leasing structures and procedures and advised financiers in connection with the registering of security in the Malta Register of Aircraft Mortgages as well as with the filing and perfection of International Interests in the International Registry. Daniel and his team also advise on the enforcement of aircraft mortgages and the arrest of aircraft in Malta.

Daniel advised the then Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure & Communications in connection with the legislative amendments required to Maltese aviation laws and was directly involved in the drafting of the Aircraft Registration Act, 2010 which regulates the registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages in Malta and is a key element of the reform which seeks to encourage growth of aviation business in Malta. As a result of this legislation, Malta has also acceded to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Protocol thereto. Daniel continues to contribute to the legislative development of Maltese aviation laws and has recently assisted and advised Transport Malta with recommended amendments and general fine-tuning of the existing legislation.

Rebecca Hawkins
By Rebecca Hawkins June 21, 2017 14:11

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