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Rebecca Hawkins
By Rebecca Hawkins July 24, 2017 09:48

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Danielle Roman, Mourant Ozannes

Hong Kong
+852 3995 5705


Danielle’s Advice

“Trust me, I’m a lawyer”. As lawyers, we treat our duty to act in our client’s best interests very seriously. I would advise clients to get their lawyers involved early on a matter, whether you are thinking about how to structure the ownership of your aircraft, how you are going to finance it, where it will be registered etc. An aircraft is a seriously expensive asset and it is not worth taking short-cuts on obtaining legal advice early to save on costs. Failure to do so usually ends up being an expensive lesson”

Danielle’s Background

“When I was in law school, I had lofty aspirations to run away to Hollywood and get into acting, and thought I would qualify as a media lawyer in the meantime. As a trainee in 2004, I was sent on my first aircraft delivery for Qatar Airways at Airbus in Hamburg. Before the delivery took place, we were able to get on board the plane and climb into the cockpit (a special treat for the lawyers). So much of what we do and advise on as lawyers is intangible; but as I stood on that aircraft, I thought to myself that as far as law goes, this was pretty special. I liked the idea of being part of an industry which connects people around the world. I qualified as an aircraft finance lawyer (and continued to act on stage in my free time). Maybe one day I’ll make it to Hollywood… but for now, I’m enjoying the world of aviation!”

Official Biography

Danielle is a Partner based in the Hong Kong office of Mourant Ozannes, advising on the laws of the Cayman Islands, BVI, Jersey and Guernsey. She is an experienced banking and finance specialist and has particular expertise in asset finance, acting for major financial institutions, lessors and investors on the financing and leasing of commercial aircraft, corporate jets and other related assets, including engines and helicopters, in a variety of structures. Danielle also advises on the finance and leasing of ships and other vessels, fund financing, debt restructurings, securitisation and general corporate lending. Danielle is the chairwoman of the philanthropy committee for the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association’s Women in Finance Asia forum.

Rebecca Hawkins
By Rebecca Hawkins July 24, 2017 09:48

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