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LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Edward Campbell, Stephenson Harwood

Edward Campbell is a partner in the Paris of Stephenson Harwood law firm. He specialising in the financing and leasing of aircraft, ships and other assets and equipment.

Ed Campbell

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Edward’s advice

“If it were my client, I would assure them they already made the first good step – picking a good lawyer. Actually, I would probably tell them to plan early, to be realistic about timing, to stay focused on the transaction by being cooperative and responsive to any questions or issues that arise, and to be practical about the issues that really concern them and the solutions they are willing to accept.

“I never like to rush through things which can lead to careless mistakes or forgetting and not covering important issues. Stubbornness, non-responsiveness and lack of co-operation are never a good formula for getting a deal done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Most importantly, if a client has an important issue, I would hope that the documentation isn’t signed until the issue have been dealt with or resolved to the client’s satisfaction. As nice as people are in aviation, it can be difficult for people to agree to go back and amend documentation once the deal is signed.”


“I got into aviation by luck, really. I was seeking work internally at a previous law firm and a partner gave me one assignment, then another, etc., and I realised I liked it. The people in aviation are very nice and passionate about what they do, and I found that the types of transactions were a good fit for me, so I stuck with it.”

Official biography

Edward is a partner in the Paris office specialising in the financing and leasing of aircraft, ships and other assets and equipment.

He has extensive experience advising banks and other financial institutions, leasing companies and operators (particularly airlines) in a wide range of structured and asset-backed financings of new and used aircraft, ships, other assets and equipment.

Edward joined Stephenson Harwood as a partner in 2007 and has been based in Paris since 1998. He is a dual qualified US (New York) – French lawyer.

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