Gulfstream G450: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Matt Taylor
By Matt Taylor April 27, 2018 13:26

Gulfstream G450: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide


One of Gulfstream’s most popular aircraft ever. The G450 is one of the smaller large-cabin jets available, and a pre-owned aircraft is still a viable option for owners looking for a good way to get into large jets.


The G450 has become relatively less capable when compared to newer aircraft. Production has stopped, and Gulfstream has replaced the G450 with the G500.



As technology is advancing at incredible rates, it is no surprise that the newer large-cabin jets are able to fly further than the G450. Yet, its maximum range of 4,350nm (8,056km) allows passengers to fly from London to Dallas, Sydney to Singapore or Geneva to New York.

A maximum operating speed of Mach 0.88 makes the G450 slightly slower than newer large-cabin jets – including its replacement, the G500.

The G450 has a maximum payload of 6,000lb (2,722kg) – allowing for ample amounts of luggage to be carried on board.

Although newer aircraft have surpassed the performance of the G450, it does not mean that this is an incapable aircraft. Pre-owned G450’s still remain a viable option for owners looking to get the basic performance of a large jet for less money. But if you want the latest and greatest, look elsewhere such as the G500.


The G450 cabin is 40ft 4in long, 6ft 2in high, and 7ft 4in wide. Whilst having a narrower cabin than competitors, there is still ample space for passengers to travel comfortably. 12 of Gulfstream’s trademark oval windows allow for plenty of natural light to enter the cabin.

The cabin features a 100% fresh-air system, with a pressurised cabin altitude that will vary between 5,000ft and 6,000ft. These systems makes passengers feel more refreshed and they also reduce the effects of jetlag – an essential for long-haul missions.

Gulfstream G450 interior

Like most large-cabin jets, the G450 can seat up to 19 passengers in a high-density configuration. More standard configurations can include a four-seat divan and double club seating.

In the G450’s cabin, passengers can expect a premium cabin finish, a complete galley (including two coffee machines), bulkhead and seven personal LCD monitors, with a DVD player and air-map system.

In the cockpit, the G450 features Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System – an infrared camera projecting a real-world image to pilots – increasing pilot awareness and safety for the aircraft.


The G450 has been one of Gulfstream’s most successful ventures, with 359 aircraft delivered throughout its 13 years in production. The last G450 was delivered in January 2018. The G500 will succeed the G450, and will be able to fly faster, further and with a bigger cabin than the G450. As such, G450 residuals should continue to drop as G500s start being delivered to customers.

Notable owners include Verizon, The Pakistan Air Force, Goodyear and JC Penney.

G450 global fleet distribution by location.

Data from AMSTAT shows that in March 2018, 20 aircraft (5.7% of the global fleet) were for sale, which shows there is still a hard market for the G450. The average asking price is $14.5 million with the average aircraft age of nine years.

Older aircraft such as the G450 are likely to be impacted by the 2020 ADS-B mandate. AMSTAT data shows 14% of the global G450 fleet is not ADS-B compliant – something to be aware of if you are looking to purchase an older G450 and want to fly it in 2020 and beyond.

In terms of operating costs, the G450 is slightly cheaper to operate compared to larger jets in its market segment. Data from Conklin & de Decker shows a variable operating cost of $3,424 per hour (assuming a fuel cost of $4.17 per gallon). Estimating the typical annual usage at 423 hours, the yearly variable cost would be $1.45 million.

Fixed costs, which include crew salaries, training and insurance are estimated to cost $532,962 per year.


Hard Facts

Maximum range: 5,005miles/8,056km/4,350nm
Maximum speed: 675mph/1,086kmh/Mach 0.88
Typical passengers: 7
Typical crew: 4
List price for new aircraft: N/A
Pre-owned price: $14 million


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Matt Taylor
By Matt Taylor April 27, 2018 13:26

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