Harbour Air launches Tantalus Air

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buy windows vista Harbour Air launches Tantalus Air

Harbour Air of Vancouver in Canada introduces Tantalus Air and shows its first land based aircraft, a Pilatus Pc-12 turboprop.
Tantalus Air Pilatus PC-12

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http://veronicaleea.com/indesign/download-abbyy-scan-station-9/ Tantalus Air, a new company launched by Harbour Air in Canada, will offer private charter flights from Vancouver in an eight seat PC-12 aircraft.

http://aptechsoft.com/rosetta/autodesk-advance-steel-2018-software/ Greg McDougall, CEO of Harbour Air, said: “Charter flights have always been a part of our business, however now with the Pilatus, we are able to offer a land based option at a cost comparable to that of our seaplanes, which is considerably less than that of a private jet.”

McDougall added: “We hope that once people understand the time savings and versatility that this airplane introduces, for example, Kelowna in 40 minutes or taking off from a gravel strip runway; we’ll be able to expand the Harbour Air experience into new markets.”

Terry Spruce
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