HondaJet delivery tracker

Alud Davies
By Alud Davies January 9, 2017 15:32

HondaJet delivery tracker

The HondaJet delivery tracker is updated as and when new HondaJet private jets are handed over and is intended to track where and when – and to whom – the aircraft are delivered to.

Corporate Jet Investor’s HondaJet tracker has been designed to closely follow HondaJet private jet deliveries. It should be noted that the following data is based on when the aircraft leaves Honda’s factory.

While Honda could deliver two HondaJets on the same day, the aircraft that leaves the factory first is considered to be the first aircraft delivered on that day.

As a ‘live’ document, updates could be made at any time. Please refer to the date that appears underneath the table to see when/what changes are made.

HondaJet deliveries to date

123/12/201542000011N420EXWFBN as TrusteeUSAKGSO
213/01/201642000012N959ENEFN 959 LLCUSAKGYY
327/01/201642000013N420KALeavitt Group Wings LLCUSAKCDC
405/04/201642000017N420HERheinland Air ServiceGermanyEDLN
526/04/201642000014N21HJMarine Coastal Recovery LLCUSAKFXE
611/05/201642000018M-HNDAMarshall Aviation ServicesUKEGBB
707/06/201642000020N774RCRC Aircraft Services LLCUSAKFXE
807/07/201642000019XA-MHUAerolineas Ejecutivas SAMexicoMMTO
907/07/201642000022N420BTAir Bud LLCUSAKCHD
1019/07/201642000021N527MWHeart of America Management LLCUSAKDVN
1117/08/201642000023N682TMMichael Val CallUSAKAFO
1201/09/201642000024N25HJAircraft Guarantee Corp as TrusteeGermanyEDLN
1301/09/201642000035N250SSTVPX ARS Inc TrusteeUSAKPBI
1413/09/201642000042N505RPWFBN as TrusteeUSAKEYW
1515/09/201642000025N41JJN41JJ LLCUSAKLXT
1606/10/201642000015N420AZSilverleaf V LLCUSAKSDL
1731/10/201642000027N20ZAArrow Management LLCUSAKIWA
1802/11/201642000034N515HJHJ Holdings LLCUSAKDSM
1912/12/201642000028N420JBN3818C Training LLCUSAKADS
2012/12/201642000050N120HFWFBN as Trustee
2112/12/201642000051N18QBWFBN as Trustee
2216/12/201642000030N421EKLuca 2 Leasing LLCUSAKSRQ
2327/12/201642000037N856WDDW Volbleu LLCUSAKADS
2429/12/201642000040N419DBTower Industries LLCUSAKPHX
2504/01/201742000039N426HJIntermountain Jet LLCUSAKSLC

Page last updated: 09/01/2017

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Alud Davies
By Alud Davies January 9, 2017 15:32
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