Malaysian Jet Services trades back Falcon 7X for new Falcon 8X

Malaysian Jet Services is replacing its Falcon 7X with a factory-fresh Dassault Falcon 8X.

Falcon 8X MSN 451 was delivered new from Dassault’s Little Rock, AR, facility to Zurich Switzerland on June 25.

The aircraft is managed on behalf of Malaysian Jet Services by Execujet. Much like the Falcon 7X, the Falcon 8X is registered in Switzerland, where it wears the registration mark HB-JKV.

Malaysian Jet Services Falcon 7X MSN 116 / HB-JFN is currently listed for sale by Dassault.

According to ADS-B and ACARS data, HB-JFN left Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport on March 16th bound for Europe.

Following a short series of flight to Switzerland and Geneva, the aircraft arrived with Dassault in Bordeaux on April 5th.

Falcon 7X HB-JFN was involved in an in-flight incident in 2001 that resulted in the global fleet of Falcon 7Xs to be grounded. Whilst descending through 12,000ft on approach to Subang Airport, the aircraft executed an un-commanded nose-up pitch-trim maneuver and climbed to 23,000ft.

The crew members were able to regain control of the aircraft and land safely. However following the incidence, Dassault recommended, Dassault recommended grounding all Dassault Falcon 7Xs in service as a precautionary measure whilst the cause of the incidence was investigated.

Aviation Safety Network (ASN) says that there were 112 Falcon 7Xs in service at the time of the grounding. The investigation, carried out by French authorities, found that a manufacturing defect in a small pin in the horizontal stabilizer electronic control unit (HSECU) had caused the issue.

To counteract the issue, Dassault installed a switch on the Falcon 7X cockpit that allowed the pilot to manually control the trim’s back-up actuator. Following the installation of the switch, and additional inspections of the HSECU, the Falcon 7X fleet returned to the air the following month.

Alongside the Falcon 8X, Malaysian Jet Services also operates Gulfstream G550 MSN 5355 / HB-JKI.

Both aircraft are based at Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport.

Alud Davies
By Alud Davies June 26, 2019 13:39

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