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Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte June 3, 2014 17:12

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There are lots of reasons that more than 6000 people subscribe to Corporate Jet Investor’s One Minute Week every Friday. But a few standout: speed and originality (it also helps that it is completely free).


“Corporate Jet Investor’s One Minute Week is a game changer.” Thomas Flohr, VistaJet

The savy jet industry publication.” Alton Marsh, AOPA Pilot

“Well worth checking out.” Daniel McCoy, Wichita Business Journal


Each week there are hundreds of news stories in business aviation. One Minute Week gives you the ones that matter – and in just a couple of sentences.

Quite simply, there is no easier or quicker way to keep up-to-date with the industry.


One Minute Week is well known for its original analysis. Sometimes inspired, sometimes controversial and – of course – sometimes wrong.

But our views are always well researched. And always our own. These strong views make us different to a lot of other publications writing about business aviation and they have enabled us to stand out as an independent voice in this global industry.

(And it is free)

There is no cost to subscribe. In the unlikely event that you do not get hooked, it is also very easy to unsubscribe.

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Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte June 3, 2014 17:12

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