School of International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance 2014: Agenda

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 1, 2014 16:27
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Monday July 7: Buying, importing and registering an aircraft

11.00 Registration and coffee

Welcome and introduction to the course
Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Corporate Jet Investor

Buying a jet: What owners need to consider?

  • Selecting aircraft
  • Choosing a team
  • Issues after delivery
    Andrew Hughes, Founder, AQ Select

Buying and selling helicopters

  • The global helicopter sales market – what trades most?
  • The importance of maintenance to helicopter values
  • Switching helicopters between missions
    Jean-Marc Youkhana, Founder, Uplifting Aviation

Key legal aspects of the sales process

  • The most important elements of the LOI
  • Long form versus. short form
  • Negotiating the deposit and escrow
  •  The aircraft sale and purchase agreement
  • Getting deals to completion
    Derek Wason, Partner, Vedder Price
    David Hernadez, Shareholder, Vedder Price

Case study: Negotiating a Letter of Intent – buyer versus seller

What factors influence the choice of aircraft registry?

  • The aircraft
  • Ownership structure
  • Use and operation
  • Cost and service
  • Financing
    Graeme McLellan, Partner, Stephenson Harwood

Importing aircraft into the EU: VAT and other tax issues

  • Why VAT is now a key issue
  • Different options for importing aircraft
    Hugo Jenney, Partner and Head of Tax, Stephenson Harwood
    Graeme McLellan, Partner, Stephenson Harwood
    Jesse Dalton, Tax Lawyer, Stephenson Harwood

Business jet insurance for financiers

  • What AVN67B/C is and how it works for financiers
  • Hull, war risk and liability
  • Lessons from Vreeland versus Aerolease of America
  • Why financiers should care about safety
  • Auditing managers for safety
  • Safety, grey charter and criminalisation
  • Repossession insurance
  • Contingency insurance
  • TLO insurance
    Zohar Zik, Consultant, Holman Fenwick Willan LLP

18.30 Drinks and welcome dinner


Tuesday 9 July: Sourcing and structuring finance

09.00 Previous day recap, questions and quiz

Debt finance

  • The basic structural elements
  • Term sheets and aircraft loan agreements
  • Security documents
  • Analysing more complex structures
    Mark Bisset, Partner, Clyde & Co
    Ed Gross, Shareholder, Vedder Price

Case study: Negotiating a term sheet 

How banks analyse asset risk

  • Why banks rely on asset security
  • Realising asset security – lessons learnt
  • Taking on asset risk
  • Quantifying asset risk
  • What drives an aircraft’s value?
  • Coming out clean
    Gary Crichlow, Asset Management, GE Corporate Aircraft Finance

Lease versus loan considerations

  • Types of Lease / Mortgage
  • Mortgage versus leases
  • Tax Treatment
  • Filing loans, leases and mortgages
    Ed Gross, Shareholder, Vedder Price
    Derek Watson, Partner, Vedder Price

The tri-partite agreement between owners, operators and financiers

  • Key issues for negotiation
  • The importance of relationships with managers
  • Enforcing the tri-partite agreement
    Oliver Tebbit, Partner, Clyde & Co

Case study: Negotiating a Tri-Partite Agreement

Financing helicopters: The operator perspective

  • The helicopter value proposition
  • Why helicopters are great assets
  • The rules of helicopter finance
    Clark McGinn, Managing Director, CHC Leasing

The future of business jet and helicopter finance

  • How to encourage new sources of finance
  • New ideas for mitigating risk
  • Thinking outside traditional techniques
    Aoife O’Sullivan, Head of Aircraft Finance, Kennedys Aviation

19.00 Drinks and dinner


Wednesday 9 July: What can go wrong?

09.00 Previous day recap, questions and quiz

When bad things happen to good deals

  • Things financiers should worry about
  • Case studies: What can go wrong?
  • How can financiers can protect themselves?
    David Hernandez, Shareholder, Vedder Price

Managing the metal

  • Contingency planning
  • Getting repossession right
  • Aircraft storage
  • Moving the aircraft
  • Minimising asset risk: maintenance programmes, CAMO
    Ben Jacques, Commercial Manager, IBA Group

Remarketing: Selling transactions, not just aircraft

  • The key elements of all transactions
  • Anatomy of a transaction
  • What to focus on in LOIs and purchase agreements
  • Managing pre-purchase inspections
  • Damage and corrosion
  • Delivery and closing
    Brendan Lodge, Business Development Director, JetBrokers Europe

Case study: What is it really worth? Managing a default on a jet

3.15 Summing up

3.30 Close of School

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte April 1, 2014 16:27

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