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Deal of the Year 2012 : BNDES $175 million financing for Flight Options

BNDES $175 million financing for Flight Options was the winner of Corporate Jet Investor’s 2012 Deal of the Year Award.

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Deal analysis: BNDES lends $167 million to Flight Options

Flight Options’ $167 million BNDES export credit business jet loan is a landmark deal for the fractional aircraft industry. The second largest operator can sell jet card membership programmes knowing that it has already financed the aircraft. BNDES is also keen to support other business jet operators and explains how it chooses borrowers. Article length: 1,150 words


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Opinion: $167million BNDES loan validates Flight Options

Although it always wants to support exports, BNDES decision to lend $167 million to Flight Options was not taken lightly. The fractional operator is clearly in much better financial health.

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BNDES provides $167 million for Flight Options

Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) will provide $167 million to finance the deliveries of Phemom 300s to Flight Options, the second largest fractional jet operator in the US.

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