Opinion: HyperMach’s success is not about engineering. It is about money

Building an aircraft that flies has less to do with aerodynamics or engines than it does with money or regulatory approval.

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People really are the most important asset

At Oriens we believe that people are always a business’ most important asset.  Very easy to say – but extraordinarily difficult to live the values that truly underpin that “asset strategy”. 

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Kirsten Bartok: The truth about investing in corporate jets

While the leasing market for commercial jets is based on well-understood financing techniques and has attained a high level of sophistication, that for investing in corporate jets is at an earlier stage of development. For many would-be participants the corporate jet market is one of misconceptions and, for the present, incomplete information.

This article covers points made by Kirsten Bartok, vice  presentation structured finance, Hawker Beechcraft, at International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance 2011.

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Getting asset strategies right: A guide for aircraft operators

In the first of a series of columns, Edwin Brenninkmeyer, CEO of Oriens Advisors, explains why aircraft operators need to get their asset strategy right to improve cash-flow and cut legal problems.

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Opinion: First Milestone in business jet and helicopter leasing

When Richard Santulli launched his NetJets fractional ownership scheme it did not take long for others to follow.  It will be the same with Milestone Aviation his new helicopter and business jet lessor.

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