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The effect of Basel III on the costs of lending

Richard Skipper, senior associate, Norton Rose LLP examines how Basel III will affect business jet finance. 

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Can private charter arrangements help reduce VAT on corporate jet transactions?

For a number of years the VAT treatment of corporate jet aircraft has varied across the EU and, in the case of the UK, over time. A recent European case has clarified the types of arrangement that may allow purchases of corporate jet aircraft to qualify for VAT zero-rating and may prove helpful in setting up ownership arrangements writes Matthew Hodkin is a tax partner and James Murphy from Norton Rose.

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Italy introduces passenger tax on chartered flights

On June 28th the Italian tax authorities have issued the implementing directive regarding the chartered flights passengers’ tax introduced at the end of April with law 44/2012.

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UK VAT: Zero-Rating and Qualifying Aircraft

Since January 2012 the business jet industry has wrestled with the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs over the interpretation of what is a “qualifying aircraft” for zero rating. The European Court of Justice will hopefully clear up some of the confusion if it follows the Opinion of the Advocate General delivered on 26 April this year in the case of Re A Oy. David Thompson, a partner at DLA Piper, reviews what has happened since the UK was forced to change its test for zero-rating.

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Deposits, Letters of Intent and agreements to negotiate in good faith: Shaker v. Vistajet

Deposits are commonplace and a feature of all transactions.  However, there can often be uncertainty about who is entitled to the deposit if a deal does not go ahead writes SNR Denton’s Matthew Harvey and Sarah Dyke.

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The Cape Town Convention: Key issues for corporate jet investors

Ben Graham-Evans, partner at Blake Lapthorn, navigates corporate jet investors through the Cape Town Convention. Introduction 1.1 The Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol (Convention) is an increasingly important tool in facilitating cross-border corporate jet finance and leasing transactions. There

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Life after ACG v. Olympic Airlines

The aircraft finance and leasing community has been eagerly awaiting the ruling in ACG v. Olympic [2012] EWHC 1070 and the impact the ruling may have on drafting aircraft leases and managing deliveries writes Sarah Dyke and Matthew Harvey, partners at SNR Denton.

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Aircraft lease returns: ACG v Olympic Airlines

The recent decision by the Commercial Court in London in ACG Acquisition XX LLC v Olympic Airlines SA should serve as a warning to all lessors and lessees to ensure that lease agreements are drafted carefully and clearly in order to ensure that no points are being left open to interpretation, write Debra Erni and Graham Tyler, both partners at DLA Piper

The case will not only be of interest to aircraft lessors and lessees, but also to industry participants engaged in the trading of used aircraft which are continuing to be operated. It is well known that full inspection of aircraft on lease is often difficult to accomplish depending on the scope of inspection rights permitted under a lease agreement and any quiet enjoyment protections that an operator may have.

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Why the British Virgin Islands make sense for business jet ownership vehicles

Simon Lawrenson, a partner in the Hong Kong office of Mourant Ozannes, examines the use of British Virgin Islands (BVI) companies as the corporate vehicle of choice for high net worth individuals (HNWIs), companies, arrangers and lenders in the acquisition, financing and leasing of corporate and private jet aircraft and helicopters.

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Italian tax on private aircraft: An update

On February 3 the Italian tax authorities issued regulation regarding the tax of private aviation.

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