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Miami 2019 Agenda

Our team is in the market all year round researching and speaking to the people shaping the market.  We also welcome your ideas for topics and speakers. So please get in touch via email or calling Louise Bolton on +44 1737 844 383. Please note we update the agenda regularly and times and speakers can change.

cheapest Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite 2014 Ultimate enter kaufen sie Viagra-Apotheken enter Topics to be covered:

The state of the nation – which way now?
Consumer and business confidence
Is the Trade War being felt?
Interest rates and the dollar

The state of business aviation
Can the pre-owned market keep going?
Is utilisation falling?

What keeps operators awake at night?
Do customers appreciate what operators do for them?
Could suppliers offer more?

Mega-trends: Green flying – sustainable alternative jet fuel
Why the environment is aviation’s biggest threat
How sustainable alternative jet fuel can be used
When will it be widely available?

Mega-trends: The tech Revolution. Aero getting to zero unplanned maintenance
What is making this possible now?
Artificial twins and digital twins
Advanced materials and manufacturing

Mega-trends: The tech Revolution. Aero the connected aircraft
How connectivity can change the ownership experience
Changing the cabin experience – VR and AR

Mega-trends: Around the world in 36.5 minutes
The strength of the dollar and demand in the rest of the world versus the US
What has happened in China, the Middle East and Russia?
Are there any bright spots?

Selling business aviation to the capital markets
What are the biggest structural hurdles?
How big can the market get?
How long does it take?

Secrets of the closing call
Lessons from the last few years
What practices are now becoming standard?
Could deals become more efficient?

After the aftermarket – the battle for maintenance
Can independents compete with OEMs?
How serious is the shortage of engineers?

Mega-trends: Flight as a service – simplifying ownership
Is this the end of ownership?
Do high value assets mean that everything has to be complicated?
Improving the ownership experience

Reshaping aircraft sales
How can certification work?
Does size matter?
Can you regulate a global opaque market?

Mega-trends: The age of experiences
The rise of experiential travel
Designing experiences for passengers and owners
Making sure the whole journey is memorable for the right reason

Mega-trends: The ageing fleet, demographics
Are we too focused on Millennial’s?
Designing services for older customers

How aircraft financiers view their assets
What is the new depreciation rule?
What is putting buyers off?

Older aircraft and parting out
What is happening with ADS-B?
Are we about to see a cull?
How to make money from breaking up

The things we think and do not say
Does business aviation have an ethics issue?
Who should control deals?
Is there a role for back-to-back transactions?

Due South – Latin America 101
Is Brazil taking off?
Structuring deals in Brazil and Mexico

Small jet market – building from the base
Has this benefited the most from the Trump Tax market?
Moving owners up the pyramid