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UK School of Corporate Jet Finance 2019

Running for the eighth time, our UK School of Corporate Jet Finance 2019 is a unique two-day intensive residential course for anyone that wants to understand aircraft transactions. 

Past attendees include: financial institutions, operators, charter brokers, trust companies, law firms, aircraft brokers and others.

The course will be held at Wotton House, Surrey on the 1st – 3rd July 2019.

Led by a specialist faculty of business aviation experts – who lead transactions every day – the interactive course will use practical examples and case studies to give you knowledge and understanding you can use to get deals closed:

• Gain an insight into what determines aircraft values

• Understand the fundamentals of the sales process – with a special case study on negotiating and structuring a letter of intent

• Review the practicalities of aircraft registration and insurance

• Develop a thorough understanding of risk management – including a focus on residual values and asset management

• Understand fiscal regulations that apply to business aircraft

• The residential course will give you opportunities to network and make new business contacts in a relaxed environment

• Over the two days the faculty will be on hand to answer your questions and to give you detailed insight into specific topics that are relevant to your business – without paying an hourly rate.

• The School of Corporate Jet Finance uses a mixture of discussion and (very) interactive case studies taking attendees through the whole process of buying, financing, repossessing and selling an aircraft. 

Two two day session gives an outstanding overview to all the considerations to be taken into account when trading an aircraft. Very useful.

Patrick Hersent, Binfield Group

Great exposure to all aspects of business jet law, finance and operation in a fantastic course.

Andrew Douglas, Air Advantage

Case studies provided great opportunity to break the ice, network and learn from different industry perspectives.

Justin Gaeta, Global Jet Capital